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Supporting the structuring of a credit line for the circular economy

In Turkey, the circular economy is an emerging concept. AFD wanted to position itself in this area to support the country's low-carbon transition. Its objective was to open a dedicated line of credit with the local bank TSKB.

Supporting the structuring of a credit line for the circular economy


  • Analyze existing circularity measurement indexes
  • Create a diagnostic tool to assess Turkish companies' circular commitments and practices, and automate personalized action plan recommendations.
  • Define a list of circular investments
  • Recommend eligibility criteria based on these elements


To carry out this mission, we worked in collaboration with AFD and TSKB to :

  • Analyze 10 circularity measurement tools to draw key lessons about the indices and methodologies used
  • An immersion in the field to discuss with the Turkish bank and test the first version of the tool with its customers.
  • Create a circular diagnostic tool to assess companies' commitment and circular practices, and draw up a customized action plan.
  • Define a list of circular investments‍
  • Assist both parties in defining the eligibility criteria for the credit line


- 10 circular indices analyzed
- Creation of a multi-sector diagnostic tool to assess a company's circular economy maturity and automate a customized action plan.
- Definition of a "circular investment" with a list of eligible investments
- Launch of an 80 million euro credit line to encourage the development of the circular economy in Turkey