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From auditing to solution sourcing: we support you in deploying impactful projects.

Your needs

We meet (all) your needs on the circular economy

Since 2017 we have supported more than 100 companies and territories in their circular economy approach. Whether your issues are market, commitment, logistics or suppliers, we have the solutions to meet all your needs.

Vision & strategy

How to approach the circular economy?
Is my circular economy strategy the right one?

Trends & prospects

What are the main trends in my sector?
What regulatory developments should be followed?
What are the latest circular innovations in my sector?


How do we prioritize our circular economy projects?
How to manage the transformation of my company?


How to engage my employees, suppliers and/or subcontractors in a circular economy approach?

Logistics & materials

What materials should we use for our packaging?
Is the deposit profitable?

Suppliers & partners

How to find the right suppliers and circular partners?

Our offers

We offer several levels of services adapted to your situation

For your support, we will always give priority to tailor-made solutions. But to give you an idea of what we could do together, discover some examples of offers:


Define your vision and goals for your circular transition

We develop a roadmap in line with your organization's realities and ambitions in order to transform your constraints into circular opportunities. 


  • Realization of a diagnosis on all your activities
  • Inspiration from best practices in your industry and beyond
  • Identification of your strategic circular work sites
  • Co-construction of your roadmap towards a circular strategy


Consolidate your ecosystem of circular partners

Thanks to our ecosystem of over 1,000 solution providers in France and abroad, we identify the most relevant partners to support your transition.


  • Framing your circularity needs
  • Identification of your potential circular partners
  • Support for field experiments


Develop new circular business models 

We support you in the transformation of your current business models towards new circular and responsible models.


  • Identification of circular opportunities in your structure
  • Analysis of circular trends in your sector
  • Co-creation of new circular models
  • Presentation of an action plan


Open your horizons to future circular opportunities

In order to anticipate the "weak signals" that will drive tomorrow's trends, we carry out thematic or sectoral studies on the circular economy in France and abroad.


  • Inventory of your current and emerging issues 
  • Structuring a panorama of circular trends 
  • Regulatory trend analysis 
  • Identification of key success factors


Involving your stakeholders in circularity

We enable your ecosystem to support your circular transition by anticipating emerging issues and building trusting relationships with your various stakeholders. 


  • Inspiration on the circular economy
  • Multi-stakeholder collaboration on target issues
  • Accompanying the commitment


Make informed decisions based on environmental impact

We propose to guide your decisions through a life cycle analysis that integrates an environmental dimension and quantified elements to your assumptions.


  • Framing the analysis 
  • Accounting of your flows (materials and energy)
  • Modeling and analysis of potential impacts
  • Prioritization of scenarios and their associated roadmaps


Develop concrete and innovative circular projects

We support you in the implementation of actions that will allow your structure to reduce its environmental impact. 


  • Framing the observation of innovative opportunities
  • Identification of innovative internal and external trends
  • Definition of the strategic axes
  • Co-construction of circular pilot projects
  • Orchestration of the implementation of your circular pilot projects

Our achievements

Some examples

Food industry, construction, textile, transport ... our fields of expertise are numerous. Discover more through an overview of our achievements:



Develop a circular point of sale with the large food retailers


  • Supporting a major retail group in the design of a 100% circular point of sale
  • Elaboration of a project diagnosis
  • Identification of 9 priority development areas
  • Deployment of a pilot project


Building the circular roadmap of a construction company


  • Circular economy diagnosis supported by interviews and field immersion
  • Identification of 23 circular bread points
  • Vision workshop with 20 employees of the group's companies
  • Creation of a circular economy roadmap for
  • Set a short and medium term course


Developing new circular business models for a sporting goods distributor


  • Collective intelligence workshops with employees to generate 100 ideas for circular services
  • Identification of 9 priority circular services among 6 major service categories (rental, repair, collaborative platform, product warranty, second hand and collection)
  • Test the desirability of the new services developed with the target users
See all our achievements