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Our POP coalition unveils its tool for measuring the eco-design of POP displays

Our POP coalition unveils its tool for measuring the eco-design of POP displays

The POP industry is worth 9 billion euros on a European scale, and is largely based on a linear economic model (extract, produce, consume, throw away) where waste is still commonplace:

  • 100,000 tonnes of waste per year are generated by point-of-sale advertising, most of which is not recycled
  • More than 80% of POP displays are estimated to be burnt or incinerated at end-of-life (excluding cardboard).
  • 30% of POS advertising produced does not reach consumers' eyes

A reality that runs counter to environmental considerations and consumer expectations, as revealed by the study conducted by Circul'R in partnership with the Appinio institute: 63% of French people would be sensitive to a responsible POP initiative, and 47% would prefer a brand that uses responsible POP to another.

Against this backdrop, Circul'R has launched a coalition aimed at offering a sustainable alternative to POP advertising.

Since early 2022, 14 major companies (Carte Noire, Bel, Coca-Cola, Kronenbourg, BIC, Auchan, Carrefour, SHOP!, Bolloré Logistics, Antalis, Tri-O Greenwishes, SAP, Sequoia and BMA ) have been working together to share the opportunities and challenges of deploying more responsible POP.

Among the main needs identified, that of promoting eco-designed POP advertising was retained and gave rise to the creation of a tool, the "POP ScoreScore", which assesses the circularity of point-of-sale advertising on a scale from A to E.

  • For brands: the POP Score enables them to assess the circularity of each POP product they manufacture or purchase in a simple, consistent and rapid way (level of eco-design, origin of materials, POP manufacturing processes, etc.).
  • For manufacturers : the POP Score provides greater transparency on the environmental impact of their products and encourages the marketing of their most circular materials.

The rating scale is designed to be quick and easy to fill in, yet exhaustive in the elements measured. The tool incorporates the key principles of the circular economy, with an emphasis on the major impacts of point-of-sale advertising.

To find out more about this tool, we organized a presentation webinar for manufacturers, advertisers, distributors and POS experts on Tuesday, May 14. A replay is available here link.