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Put an end to single-use polybags and hangers

We assisted a player in the affordable luxury ready-to-wear industry in identifying sustainable and circular alternatives to single-use hangers and polybags.

Put an end to single-use polybags and hangers


A French brand of affordable luxury ready-to-wear wants to find a sustainable alternative to its "single use" polybags and hangers , whose valuation is complicated by their multi-material composition and the lack of infrastructure in stores.


  • Identify all bread points along the entire value chain of hangers and polybags to be upgraded 
  • Select several solutions to fulfill the 3 prioritized axes: the eco-design of the polybag, the creation of a reusable polybag and the implementation of a recycling channel for hangers
  • Ensure the implementation and scaling of the selected solution


We worked collaboratively with the CSR and logistics teams for 10 months:

  • Interviews with the logistics, production, purchasing, retail and partner teams as well as a visit to the mechanized warehouse
  • Activation of the Circul'R network, interviews and analysis of relevant international players to provide a solution that meets the technical specifications of the logistics and fits into the existing synergies of the brand
  • Accompaniment of the pilot project for 6 months


- 3 actors identified to eco-design polybags, including one solution selected for the pilot project for a fully home-composted polybag
- A player selected to recycle 10t of bi-material and ABS hangers in France
- An actor selected to circularize e-commerce packages (objective in addition to the mission)