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The first train without single-use plastic

We assisted a leading European rail transport company in developing a circular on-board catering strategy.

The first train without single-use plastic


A major player in European rail transport wants to eliminate plastic waste generated on board trains.


  • Realization of a diagnosis of the project thanks to 15 interviews and 5 site visits
  • Organization of 4 days of immersion and audit of 100 suppliers to complete the initial assessment
  • Stakeholder engagement through 2 workshops of 30 people (operations, purchasing, suppliers)
  • Identification of 6 solutions, with which we organized workshops in order to set up the pilot project of catering without single-use plastic

The project lasted one year in France, England and Belgium. 


- Launch of the first single-use plastic-free train in November 2019
- More than 500 employees and passengers sensitized in the first deployment
- 25% reduction in single-use plastic consumption in one year on a like-for-like basis