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Discover our "Circular Economy Glossary"!

On the occasion of the European Week for Waste Reduction, Circul'R proposes its "Glossary of the circular economy" which aims at listing and defining the essential notions of the circular economy.

Discover our "Circular Economy Glossary"!

Why this glossary?

At Circul'R, we believe that naming things right is the first step to acting right.

Words are loaded with meaning and play a major role in our perception of reality. Thus, the starting point of any transformation lies in our ability to make the terms that characterize it appropriate.

In order to succeed in shifting our still 91% linear economy to a circular model, it is crucial to define things clearly, this in order to be able to make the right decisions, within the time and constraints we are given.

This glossary does not aim to replace the definitions already in force but to provide our vision of the circular economy. A vision that has been refined through the meetings and exchanges we have been able to have with our entire ecosystem since the creation of Circul'R in 2017.

We are making this work available in open source so that all stakeholders in the ecological transition, public authorities, companies, citizens and the media can benefit from it. Because understanding precedes action, we hope that they will enable the implementation of a resolutely effective circular economy.

Download the glossary