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Circul'R and ESCP launch the "Circular Economy Leader" training for professionals

In the continuity of its commitment to support the transition of companies towards a circular economy, Circul'R launches, in partnership with ESCP, the training program "Leader of the circular economy" for professionals.

Circul'R and ESCP launch the "Circular Economy Leader" training for professionals

The acceleration of ecological destabilization has brought the company into a radically new context.

At a time when governments and scientists are calling for sobriety, how can companies combine environmental responsibility and productivity? In this perspective, the circular economy is an opportunity of choice. 

In order to anticipate the needs of employees in terms of skills - an essential step in developing the company's level of performance and competitiveness - ESCP Business School and Circul'R have chosen to pool their expertise to create the "Circular Economy Leader" program. A continuing education program that is in line with the sustainable development objectives set by the UN for the year 2030. 

This training is aimed at leaders, managers and professionals who want to be actors of the circular transformation to impact their companies and organizations in a sustainable way.

This short 3-month program combining face-to-face and digital training is offered over five half-days and includes 4 pillars:

  • The circular economy mural
  • The circular economy, a solution to major global challenges
  • The governance of circular economy partnerships
  • Change management 

According to Valentina Carbone and Aurélien Acquier, professors at ESCP and scientific co-directors of the program: "The circular economy is a managerial but also a cultural change that transforms our relationship to value creation, progress and our consumption patterns. Thanks to this partnership with Circul'R, this program trains responsible leaders to integrate green value into their approach, while guaranteeing the productivity of organizations and companies.

According to Clément Pecastaings, Circul'R's training director: "In order to implement an economic model that respects planetary limits, it is fundamental that organizations increase their competence on these subjects to reinvent themselves and find new virtuous growth relays. This is what we strive to do through this program."

The first class will meet starting February 15, 2023.

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