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Study of circular economy trends for a major retail bank

The strategic intelligence department of a major French bank wanted to produce a forward-looking intelligence report on the 10 trends of the circular economy and 5 sectors particularly impacted by 2030.

Study of circular economy trends for a major retail bank


  • Define the 10 circular trends and 5 sectors that will be most impacted by 2030, with issues, prospects, impacts and a case study for each trend.
  • Define the 6 offers and know-how to be developed within the organization to adapt to current trends 
  • Present the main lessons learned to COMEX members and the 70+ people making up senior management
  • Write executive summaries for each trend and sector to make the report accessible to all company employees


  • We worked in collaboration with teams from the strategic intelligence department, circular economy experts within the company and external players specializing in the circular economy (Décathlon, Interface, etc.).


- Production of a 120-page report including an executive summary
- Presentations on circular economy trends and impacts to COMEX members and over 70 senior management staff
- Internal and external interviews with circular economy specialists (Décathlon, Interface, etc.).