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Carrying out a circularity diagnostic for a leading energy distributor

We helped a leading player in energy distribution networks to accelerate and refine its circular strategy.

Carrying out a circularity diagnostic for a leading energy distributor


The aim of the study was to take stock of the circular economy strategy, determine the main priorities and outline future opportunities. The analysis was carried out at three levels: 

  • Identification of circular economy issues and opportunities at cross-functional level and on 3 representative sites 
  • Co-construction and prioritization of circular solutions
  • ‍Awarenessand commitment of regions and other stakeholders to accelerate the energy and ecological transition.


  • Qualitative data collection : 12 cross-sectional and field interviews, 3 site immersions
  • Quantitative data collection: inventory of inputs and outputs at the 3 sites visited and carbon quantification 
  • Drafting of an astonishment report based on data analysis : identification of good practices, pain points and 5 major issues. 
  • 4 Workshops on prioritization and possible areas for improvement, at both strategic and operational levels
  • Drafting of specification criteria for an AO for a reuse platform
  • Drafting of a guide and a checklist for integrating the Circular Economy into the CSR criteria required in tenders and contracts.


- ~80 circular improvement points identified
- 14 major priority projects 1 pre-framing of a reuse platform project: identification of criteria to be used in a call for tenders for an equipment reuse platform
- 1 guide and 1 circular form to complete the CSR criteria for specifiers and buyers