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Developing new circular experiences for luxury jewel cases

We worked with a major luxury watchmaking group that wanted to eco-design its cases and offer circular experiences to its customers.

Developing new circular experiences for luxury jewel cases


  • Identify the main circularity challenges within the jewellery value chain and during the customer journey
  • Understanding the uses and expectations of luxury consumers
  • Generate innovative, circular case concepts, from case design to use and end-of-life.
  • Develop 3 innovative concepts for luxury showcase experiences, with their associated value chain and customer pathway.


  • We worked very collaboratively with the innovation, design and CSR teams for 8 months:
  • Diagnosis focused on the ecrin value chain
  • Consumer study of 1,200 luxury consumers in 4 countries on their perception and use of jewel cases
  • Workshop to design circular cases and their associated customer experiences through collective intelligence workshops
  • Consumer study on concept acceptance and appetence
  • Structuring the business model for each eco-concept


- 1 new circular innovation methodology
- 3 experimental concepts for eco-designed circular cases: a lightweight case, a modular case and a single-material case
- 30 circular recommendations to be applied across the entire value chain of the Group's jewel cases
- 5 circular eco-design tools available to Group companies
- 3 presentations to the whole group