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Define and measure the circularity of a cosmetic ingredient

We assisted a major cosmetics company in defining and measuring the circularity of its ingredients.

Define and measure the circularity of a cosmetic ingredient


A major player in the cosmetics industry wishes to define and measure the circularity of its ingredients. 


  • Define the scope of the definition (from the origin of the ingredient, or from the last supplier, the last processor etc.)
  • Build a common frame of reference for circularity to construct and support the final definition (co-products, closed loop, open loop, etc.)
  • To have a definition that is sufficiently binding but not restrictive to be able to commit suppliers to the theme


We operated in an agile method with a team including members of the R&D and sustainable procurement teams and carried out the following actions:

  • Benchmark of key circular economy definitions and evaluation methods
  • 4 workshops to co-design the framework to guarantee the circularity of ingredients (sub-definitions, framework definition, definition of criteria and methodology to measure circularity)


- 2 established framework definitions related to the circularity of an ingredient
- 10 definitions of the circular economy supporting framework definitions
- 7 possible combinations for the circular origin of an ingredient
- Review of a circularity objective of the group following our mission