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CSRD: what progress has been made in the circular economy?

CSRD: what progress has been made in the circular economy?

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) represents a turning point for the integration of circular economy principles into corporate strategies across Europe.

Indeed, the explicit inclusion of the circular economy as a reporting element underlines the growing importance attached to the transition to more responsible business models.

In this article, we'll see that this transition is not without its challenges. The still limited understanding of circular economy principles, the ability to set clear and measurable targets and to develop robust reporting systems are all obstacles that companies need to overcome. The lack of in-depth knowledge of the risks and opportunities associated with the circular economy could also hamper companies' ability to carry out effective double materiality analysis, potentially relegating circular issues to the background.

At Circul'R, we're convinced that CSRD represents a key lever for accelerating the transition to a circular economy. But to meet the challenges associated with this transition, companies need to be supported. By fully exploiting the opportunities offered by HWSC, they can play a decisive role in building a more sustainable future, while enjoying significant economic and environmental benefits.

‍Thisnew era of sustainable reporting is an invitation to rethink the way companies operate, and it's crucial that they seize it.

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