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Consolidating the innovation roadmap for a (D)EEE eco-organization

A certified eco-organization for the EEE sector (Electrical and Electronic Equipment) asked us to help them define a roadmap for their Innovation Program.

Consolidating the innovation roadmap for a (D)EEE eco-organization


In an increasingly dynamic and competitive industry landscape, the Innovation Program aims to reinvent the way the eco-organization innovates and collaborates with its stakeholders, in order to help reaffirm its value proposition for the sector andachieve its objectives and commitments. 


The co-construction of this vision and the associated action plan was supported by : 

  • An analysis of circular innovation trends relevant to the eco-organization (trend benchmark + 12 interviews with key stakeholders)
  • Consolidation of 20 risks identified for the eco-organization's activities (8 interviews with the Management Committee).
  • One-day seminar with the CoDir (4 presentations by innovative players and 2 collective intelligence workshops)
  • Customizing the Circular Odyssey for the (D)EEE sector


- 6 major risk factors identified for the industry, and 5 associated opportunities to be seized
- 3 structured ambitions for the Innovation Program, broken down into 2 priority areas of work for 2023