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Circularizing the waste of a ready-to-wear brand

We assisted a player in the affordable luxury ready-to-wear industry in the recovery of its waste products throughout its value chain.

Circularizing the waste of a ready-to-wear brand


A French brand of affordable luxury ready-to-wear clothing wants to evaluate and value its waste throughout its value chain in a circular approach


The company wants to take stock and identify opportunities for improvement in terms of circular economy regarding its waste - textile, clothing and supplies - across its value chain, in order to:

  • reduce storage and degradation of scrap in thecentral warehouse
  • protect the brand's reputation against defective clothing


We accompanied the company in : 

  • The identification of waste typologies and their origin and end-of-life flows
  • Identification of the issues related to this waste and the initiatives already in place
  • Proposal of several action levers and corresponding opportunities
  • Sharing of a benchmark of pioneering solutions in terms of valorization of these fashion scraps


- Expert eye delivered in 1.5 months
- 4 identified action levers and 17 circular opportunities with concrete examples
- 3 recommendations validated, prioritized and being deployed