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Eco-design assistance for cycling and running textiles

We accompanied a major player in the sports equipment industry for several weeks to develop a range of circular and sustainable running items.

Eco-design assistance for cycling and running textiles


A major player in running and cycling apparel wants to offer high-performance and durable products


Understand the current eco-design of panoplies

Identify innovative eco-design options for the client

Identify solutions that meet technical and environmental requirements.

Train and raise the awareness of the teams on eco-design to make them autonomous in the years to come.


To accompany the brand in the eco-design of its technical textiles:

  • Inventory of eco-design practices of teams and environmental performance of products
  • Monitoring of eco-design strategies applicable to the textile sector to inspire teams
  • Workshop to define the eco-design strategies to be prioritized
  • Identification of eco-design actions to be implemented throughout thelife cycle
  • Search for suppliers to meet the proposed strategies and environmental and technical criteria


- 20 eco-design strategies presented, including 2 initiated by the teams following the mission
- 37 suppliers identified to meet the chosen criteria, including 2 retained for the client
- 6000 eco products designed with the support of Circul'R
- An eco-design strategy launched for 3 years
- 20 employees who took part in the mission were able to learn about eco-design