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The circular economy of plastics

Training Objectives:

  • Understand the issues and main concepts of the circular economy
  • Identify the different types of plastics and their environmental impacts
  • Know alternative solutions to plastic and identify the best ones for my business


Audience and necessary pre-requisites:

Mass distribution, food processing, cosmetics, automotive equipment manufacturers... 

Packaging, Design, Conception, Marketing teams...

Training open to all up to 8 people. In short, anyone who is able to have an environmental impact in their organization or who wants to understand the circular economy.


The course of the training

Module 1: The use of plastic and its limits

The linear economy of plastics and its impacts

  • The planetary limits
  • Damage to health and biodiversity
  • Microplastics

Reminder on the principles of circular economy

  • The Circular Economy Butterfly
  • The Value Hills

Trends in the circular economy

  • Towards new consumer habits
  • Strengthening legislation on single-use plastics

Why so much plastic?

  • The advantages of plastic
  • The different types of plastics and their end of life

Module 2: Alternatives to plastic

Review of Module 1 - Questions / Answers

The "bioplastics": deciphering

  • Biosourced plastics
  • Compostability of plastics

The deposit: good or bad idea?

The LCA approach: good but not enough

Imagine alternative solutions to plastic for your business 

Duration and terms:

  • 1 day of face-to-face training
  • Free : The Circular Odyssey in free access for 30 days